CERN Internship – LHC

In 2022 Andressa moved to Switzerland to fulfill one of her long-time dreams. Be part of a CERN project.
At the age of 21, as the youngest CERN intern at the time, Andressa worked at the CERN Control Center (CCC) as part of the Optics Measurement and Corrections Team within the Accelerator & Technology Sector (ATS), Beams Department (BE), Accelerators & Beams Physics group (ABP), Linear and Non-Linear Optics section (LNO).

Some of Andressa’s responsibilities included:

• Provide support to the preparation of the Large Hadron Collider optics commissioning
by testing codes and algorithms, comparing results to simulations, and analytical
• Worked on the control center experimentally measuring and correcting the transverse
optics of the LHC based on the data gathered and analyzed using Python.
• Researched local optics changes on the Proton Synchrotron Booster by gathering data
from the control room and processing it.